Baku Black Smart City. Ярослав Усов, Massimiliano Baque

Baku Black Smart City. Ярослав Усов, Massimiliano Baque
Baku Black Smart City. Регенерация промышленной прибрежной морской зоны города Баку под общественные пространства
г. Баку, Азербайджан
2016 г.
Диплом конкурса

The aim of the project is not only the continuation of the existing sea promenade but the creation of a new urban area using the latest technologies.

The project look at the “Smart City” like a possible improved future for the modern cities.

The Smart cities program has in citizens his core: citizen’s wellness and citizen’s quality of life are the most important aspect of this new town. The environmental improve will be the ground where will based the next development of the Baku Black Smart City.

One of the most important targets is reducing CO² emissions to zero.

This target named area N.Z.E.A. (Near Zero Emission Area) and follows the objective to create a high quality environmental district for tourists and Baku’s citizens

The main idea of the project is to use innovative technologies to create urban environment, which will be an example of a city of the future. The project was developed in accordance with the philosophy of the Smart City - buildings with zero CO² emissions equipped with solar collectors, solar panels with battery energy system, rainwater collection, built with the use of building materials adapted to the climate of Baku.

Today with the world crisis there are more places who can be invested, than people who can really invest. This generate a competition, like a race for self promoted best place. The difference between bad place and good place is in high quality and friendly lifestyle. Where want the people live, there is interest to building and redevelopment dead areas. Where is attraction and appeal, there is business opportunity

Авторский коллектив: Yaroslav Usov, Massimiliano Baque. Collaborators name: Architect Riccardo Graziotti, Architect Giacomo Fabbri, Architect Nelli Zabotina, Ingegneer Mirko Farini, Ingegneer Roberto Passerott (Россия, Москва - Италия, Ареззо)

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